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Dangs: The Little Known Paradise of India

"Dangs: The Little Known Paradise of India" captures in few pages myriad things and minds of this less known ethnic geo-space which is but a unique landscape and ecosystem known as "The Dangs" of Gujarat. This place bounded by hills, populated with ethnic tribes and bestowed with natural medicinal herbs has always been a place of attraction. This coffee table book not just encompasses aspect of the tribal life & region but it turns out to be an amazing pictorial book which showcases the whole district in a different way. Author S K Nanda has scripted his memories, pictures, and understanding to dedicate this place as a promising destination for scholars and tourists particularly those who are interested in ethnic art and natural medicines and to take a trip to Hill station of Saputara. Encompassing 1764 Sq. Km. in a rugged valley, the The Dangs has a biosphere where the Sahyadri ranges of mountains meets the Western Ghats and Satpuda with extension. The book majorly focuses on history of the district, Dangi people, tribal life, rituals, Gods, myths, folklore and motifs, tribal manners & customs, memorials, biodiversity and major tourist destinations of The Dangs. There is a special mention about traditional healers called "Bhagats" in this book. It is important to understand that Dangis still believe in traditional system of healing. The Bhagat (priest and medicine man) is thought to be the ultimate "God Man". The book raises important concerns such as migration, livelihood, capacity building, geographical factors, critical gaps in development and empowering gram sabha etc. Detailed introspects and prospects about issues such as Migration have also been expressed nicely in the book. The book will definitely benefit anthropologists, policy makers, researchers, travelers and all nature lovers.