Dr. Nanda is a very senior IAS officer
and has held distinguished positions in the Government of Gujarat during his career.    Read More

  • Membership

All India Management Council

Ahmedabad Management Association

Consultative Committee for Mid Term Appraisal – Planning Commission of India(2009)

Member, Expert Committee on Public Distribution System, Department of Food, Government of India for reforms in consumer affairs and food related schemes (2004-06).

Chairman of Amateur Ham Radio Club of Gujarat.

  • Awards

Rotary Awards community work A Small club of Gujarat Honours for worthy work for State View

"Distinguished service" award for exemplary service conferred in Mumbai. View

Dhara Putra title by Bhagats of Dangs,in presence of Panchayat persons and local Tribal in honor of the distinguished services for a long time in this district since 82. View

Business Manager posted the Skill India page of various professionals who gave their views on Skill India mission View

Commendation from PMO for excellent work in Health sector in post 2002 riots. View

District Convenor of Environment Cell in 3050 Rotary districts. View

Communal Harmony Award. View

Karan Singh prize of Delhi University in 1976. View

  • Educational Qualification

M.A (Political Science)

Bachelor of Law

Special LLB, LLM

Ph.D. (Rural Economics)


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  • Weak people revenge strong people forgive Intelligent people ignore.

    Dr. S K Nanda

  • Smile & silence are two most powerful tools Smile is the way to solve many problems Silence is the way to avoid many problems.

    Dr. S K Nanda

  • He fixes the routes destinations and so we should enjoy the Life since it is the creation of god like Moon is power of beauty and Sun the power of nature and our own self power of creation Intellect aful jha a A man throws needle and YamRaj does get it back. One throws a coin and he gets it back. So both die. While the third person throws Jaggery that dissolves and is not retrieved and so he survives. Power of intellect can protect and not brute power.

    Dr. S K Nanda

  • If you realize that you have enough You are truly rich

    Dr. S K Nanda

  • Creator operator and destroyer Key to innovation and creativity in modern life Brahma Vishnu Maheswari

    Dr. S K Nanda

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